Persian Salt Lamps

These very rare salt lamps are the highest quality available anywhere.

Premium Persian Salt Lamps Highly translucent, dark purple salt from the mine's richest veins is ultra-rare and highly prized.

On the surface of these salt lamps are sprinkled natural blue specks which give it nice character even if unlit.

This salt is mineral-rich, and loaded with potassium, giving it such nice purple hues.

This quality and selection is only available at We are the ONLY authorized, factory-direct distributor of this beautiful salt in North America.

Our stock is limited and the very best money can buy, so get 'em when you can!

All lamps are securely mounted on a finished wood base and include a fully-tested, 6 ft. long UL®-listed cord, bulb socket, and dimmer switch; bulbs included are tested clear bulbs from 15W to 40W depending on salt lamp size and light penetration through the salt crystal.


Persian Salt Candleholders

Persian Salt Tealight Candleholder

Beautiful tealight candleholders that glow warmly with a flame within. The salt is the highest quality, like our lamps, and the clarity and coloring carry candle light very well through the salt. Add some ambience and mood to your surroundings, light a few candles and relax! Tealight candles not included.

Persian Bath Salt

Natural Persian Bath Salt

This bath salt is unique and 100% pure and natural, with no fragrances or colors added. Persian bath salt is absolutely loaded in potassium which can be absorbed through the skin in this form. Great for skin, muscles, joints, and your relaxation!

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