Rare and Natural Purple Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are increasingly popular around the world, not only for their beautiful light and variety of color, but for the genuine, natural benefits they can bring to indoor air quality as well. There is also increasing evidence, both anecdotal and scientifically provable, that the environment a warm salt lamp creates can offer remarkable holisitic and homeopathic assistance to human health and well-being; most notably would be with asthma and respiratory allergy sufferers. The range of possible beneficial effects extends well beyond these, and seem to be determined by both the individual and the existing surroundings where a lamp is placed.

Persian salt mine wall with purple and white strata

Genuine Persian salt lamps are created from very rare purple crystal salt mined from only one place in Iran. The blue and purple salt veins in this mine are thin, especially compared to the salt mines found within the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan. Layered around the purple/blue veins are strata of white salt, ranging from clear quartz to cream in color. Salt with blue and purple coloring is not unique to Iran, as it occurs in several places around the world; but, due to the purity, translucent hues of purple, and solid crystallization of this Iranian salt, it is unique and perfect for salt lamps.

A Cosmic Connection...

In 1998, purple and blue-colored salt, along with water, were discovered inside meteorites that had fallen to Earth's surface in Monahans, Texas and further away in Zag, Morocco. Could this Persian salt be as old as the solar system and deposited from space?

Purple salt lamp
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