Multi-colored Persian salt lamps

Rare and Natural Persian Salt Lamps

Our genuine Persian salt lamps and products are individually unique and collectively beautiful. This very rare variety simply cannot be found anywhere else, and if they are elsewhere then they came from us. We are the only North American distributor.

Persian salt lamps are most well-known for their blue and purple inclusions; and similar to the more ubiquitous Himalayan salt, this salt improves indoor air in the same capacity and effect.

Our latest shipment shows the rainbow of colors that can also be found inside this single salt mine in Iran. While popular in Europe, these have never been introduced in the USA...until now.

A Cosmic Connection...

In 1998, purple and blue-colored salt, along with water, were discovered inside meteorites that had fallen to Earth's surface in Monahans, Texas and further away in Zag, Morocco. Could this Persian salt be as old as the solar system and deposited from space?

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